LaSarel for Men

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LaSarel for Men

Want to know tips on how to best care for your skin? Then take a look at our page
“Skin Care Men”

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LaSarel for Men

* Cleansing Gel for Men:
Mild, gentle and Hypo-allergenic cleansing for all skin types. Removes all impurities on the skin. Is suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive, rosacea, acne and easily irritated skin with tendencies. The cleansing gel is also great for shaving. Contents: 200 ml.

* Soft Peeling for Men:
Gentle exfoliating peel for all skin types. Eliminates dead skin cells, polishes and softens skin. Refines skin texture. Allows micropeeling without irritating the skin. Contents: 50 ml.

* Soothing Mask for Men:
Face mask for all skin types. Calming, soothing and relaxing cream mask. The base consists of a biological complex and plant extracts. Soothes and reduces signs of fatigue and rosacea. Contents: 50 ml.
* Regenerative Cream for Men: Regenerating, fortifying, anti-aging 24-hour cream. Reduces skin irritations. Contains a UV filter and strengthens natural skin protection against harmful external influences. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Contents: 50 ml.

* Control Cream for Men:
Regulating, astringent, normalizing, mattifying gel/cream. Balances the skin and gives protection to oily skin prone to skin problems. Instantly gives the skin a lasting mattifying effect. Suitable for oily and combination skin. Contents: 50 ml.

* Vital Serum for Men:
Soothes, strengthens, moisturizes and repairs irritated skin after shaving. Makes the skin soft and flexible again and suppresses the burning sensation. This emulsion relaxes and refreshes irritated skin. Protects skin from free radicals. Contains a sunscreen. Is also very suitable, as care (after shave serum), after shaving and for all skin types. Contents: 50 ml.
* Eye Gel for Men: Anti-Stress eye gel against puffiness and fatigue symptoms has a decongestant effect on fluid accumulations caused by fatigue, stress or due to fluid retention, hydrates, relaxes and gives an instant feeling of comfort. Contents: 15 ml.

* Eye Cream for Men:
Super fast-absorbing, hypoallergenic, gentle, anti-wrinkle eye cream. Botox-like effect, softens “crow’s feet” caused by repeated facial movements. Hydrates, regenerates and softens delicate and sensitive skin. Does it have a direct span effect. Contents: 15 ml.

Want to know tips on how to best care for your skin? Then take a look at our page
“Skin Care Men”


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