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About LaSarel

After extensive knowledge in the cosmetics world, Heidi Lammers founded LaSarel Cosmetique in 1999. In 2004, she launched her own product line, “LaSarel.”

The company grows and LaSarel Cosmetique becomes a family business as an exclusive importer and manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic brands.

The team consists of qualified professionals who will provide you with advice, training and support.

By carrying out the beauty profession for over 45 years, LaSarel Cosmetique has a vast knowledge and experience and therefore also knows well what the needs of a beautician, and her/his clients are.


We believe the beauty in human

All natural friendly

Our products made with the highest quality raw materials, adapt, to the specific needs of the customer. The products contain no mineral oils and the fragrances are derived from essential oils.

No animal testing

With LaSarel, one obtains spectacular and lasting results on any skin type from the very first treatment. LaSarel products are tested on humans and not on animals.

For each skin

With LASAREL products and treatments, we can treat any skin. Improvement requires every skin.

Everyone is Beautiful

We are as enthusiastic about this wonderful profession as you are.
As such, you should expect the team at LaSarel to give you proper guidance, service and help when needed.

With hands-on training, extensive product knowledge, professional treatments, a high-quality cosmetic or hairdressing brand, LaSarel Cosmetique’s promotional support, fast deliveries and your inspiration and motivation, you can take your institute to a successful and professional high level.

LaSarel Cosmetique, a supplier that is truly a partner in business, providing professional support, delivering quality in every detail and concretely helping you to a healthy customer flow.


Our Solid Team of Experts

Heidi Lammers

Founder & Beauty Expert

Sarella Lammers

Owner & Product expert

Saskia van Ek-Lammers

Beautician & Food expert

Beauty has no number!

Every person wants to keep looking good. After all, you still feel young, you are more active than ever and you are comfortable in your skin. Unfortunately, over the years the skin does start to look older. The skin becomes moister and wrinkles appear.

LASAREL allows you to slow this down.

Happy Customers

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