Is cleansing the skin important even if I don’t use makeup?

The most important foundation in skin care, is to cleanse the skin properly!
This is often underestimated!

Our skin is an excretory organ and produces sebum (fats).
The skin also receives pollutants throughout the day from e.g. air pollution and exhaust fumes but also from hormones and perspiration. These substances remain on the skin. If these harmful substances are not removed by cleansing the skin, the skin cannot breathe properly, causing a skin problem and accelerating the aging process.

Water alone does not cleanse the skin sufficiently, water only cleanses superficially and not to the pores, but also the sebum (fats) cannot be removed with water. Example: if you rinse a greasy plate or greasy pan with water, you won’t get the fats removed. This also applies to the skin. Water contains lime and chlorine residues. It then takes a few hours for the skin’s pH level to stabilize again. When the pH level is disturbed, the acid mantle weakens, which is a natural protective layer that protects the skin from air pollution, pathogenic bacteria and dehydration, among other things. If the skin no longer functions optimally because the acid mantle is weakened, skin problems can occur, including faster skin aging.

So it is important to cleanse with a good cleansing product that removes all impurities and unwanted substances and rebalances the skin’s pH level.

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